Director Professor Fang Qiang, teaching director Eric Hald and others visited the internship base in Guangzhou Shenzhen.


        From August 2 to 4, Professor Fang Qiang, Dr. Eric Hald and others delegation visited a number of university-industry cooperation units and practice bases in the province. We also had candid discussions on professional internship, university-enterprise cooperation and scientific research exchange for 2018 students majoring in medical engineering of SHANTOU University with Rigon Precision Instrument Co., LTD., General Hospital of PLA Southern Theater Command of the People's Liberation Army, Shenzhen Security Technology Co., LTD., Foshan Opmandi Technology Co., LTD.

      In addition to conducting extensive exchanges with the cooperative enterprises, the faculty representatives of the Department of Biomedical Engineering visited and sympathized with the students who were carrying out the practice training, had a detailed understanding of their recent situation in study, work and life, and listened to the students' work report and growth thinking. At the same time, professor Fang Qiang, dean of the department, encouraged the students to cherish the internship opportunity, master the real knowledge and skills, and lay a solid foundation for future all-round development and further study.

      In Rigang Precision Instrument Co., LTD., the representatives of medical and engineering teachers of SHANTOU University not only had a comprehensive understanding of the overall development of the enterprise, the construction of technology platform, and the demand for talents, but also had a harmonious exchange with the students. Many students said that because the medical industry is closely connected with the world, the English teaching mode of medical industry of SHANTOU university is the "cornerstone" of their internship. Their good English ability enables them to be more confident and calm in their own field of work, and they can immediately start to use it for the internship department.

        In shenzhen security technology co., LTD., research and development director Mr Rui-qiang wang and others expressed warm welcome and introduce the company's product development layout and the future. Says it will actively assist medical professionals is a professional practice arrangement and common cultivation of biomedical engineering innovative talents. Looking forward to the two sides in the future in such aspects as scientific innovation, talent introduction to strengthen exchanges and cooperation. Jointly build talent training base and carry out scientific research cooperation with medical engineering Department of Shantou University.

        In the medical engineering Office of the General Hospital of PLA Southern Theater Command, the leaders of the two sides made introductions and had in-depth exchanges on how to give full play to the medical advantages of the General Hospital of PLA Southern Theater Command and the engineering advantages of Shantou Medical Industry to carry out interdisciplinary talent training and scientific research cooperation in biomedical engineering. In the first week of practice, many medical and engineering students have followed the instructor into each department of the hospital for equipment maintenance and solved practical engineering problems for the hospital with the theoretical knowledge they learned.

        In addition, muen Biotechnology Co., LTD., Opumandi Technology Co., LTD., Zhongshan People's Hospital, Dongguan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other internship bases also provide precious internship opportunities for 2018 medical and engineering students. The students gained a lot from the feedback and accumulated a lot of experience in basic knowledge learning and ability cultivation. It would enhancing their own professional learning consciousness, initiative and sense of responsibility.

        Practice is not only a test of the theoretical learning achievements of medical students in school, but also the most important part of entering the society, job hunting and employment. It is a brand new process. Students of 2018 are required to attach great importance to the professional internship, and be diligent and good at learning during the internship on the premise of strictly following the requirements of normal epidemic prevention and control and personal safety protection. Work to be proactive, life to be independent, at the same time to actively exercise, with a strong body to carry out practice.

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