Undergraduate Study


To cultivate highly capable and talented individuals who can combine engineering knowledge with life sciences applications; to train professional biomedical engineers who are innovative, independent learners and have a global view to lead the future growth of medical devices and life science industry; and to lay a strong and solid foundation for future generation of leaders.


In addition to various scholarships offered by the university and the stage government, students from the Department of Biomedical Engineering have the opportunity to receive a high proportion of academic scholarship provided by the Li Ka-shing foundaton. Scholarships are based on college entrance examination or school examination results. There is no quota on the number of scholarships. This is to ensure that no students are disadvantaged or unable to complete their studies. There will also be travel subsidies for short-term overseas exchange programs. 


The Biomedical Engineering program at Shantou University, conducted entirely in English, is based on the University of Michigan curriculum. All lecturers who are responsible to deliver the courses have international work experience and are experts in medical implant chips, big data analysis in health, and brain machine interface. The course covers medical instrumentation, medical signal processing, imaging technologies, data analysis, biomechanics, and biomedical engineering design.  

We have worked closely with the University of Michigan to deliver the curriculum which consists of five major modules; natural sciences and mathematics foundation, engineering fundamentals, biomedical foundations, biomedical engineering fundamentals, and design sequence courses. These courses adhere to the system of "solid foundation, professionalism, flexibility, distinction, reinforcement training, and improving comprehensive quality and competency."

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