The lab of Medical Micro Nano System


The research contents of the Lab of Medical Micro Nano System in the Department of BME, Shantou University include micro nano processing, biochemical sensing, organ chip and drug screening. Current research focuses include advanced biochip manufacturing, optical microfluidics, real-time detection for public health, major disease detection and auxiliary diagnosis, and high-throughput drug screening.

The core members of the laboratory are Dr. Guo Weijin and Dr. Lin Meiai:

Guo Weijin, doctor, Marie Curie scholar. In 2020, he obtained his Ph.D. degree in micro nano systems from Royal Institute of technology of Sweden. Research interests include micro nano processing, biological microfluidics, biosensors. During his Ph. D. study, he studied in the national Microelectronics Center of Spain and the Institute of advanced chemistry of Catalonia for half a year. Published 14 journal articles and IEEE MEMS / microTAS Conference Papers (one of which was published on Langmuir, Microsystems & nanoengineering, analytical chemistry, and biosensors & bioelectronics). Delivered three oral presentations at the IEEE MEMS / microTAS Conference (microTAS 2016, IEEE MEMS 2017, IEEE MEMS 2018).

Lin Meiai, doctor. He won the excellent doctoral degree award of Shandong University in 2019 and the outstanding doctoral degree award of Shandong University. Major research interests include biomedical optical detection based disease diagnosis technology and microfluidic based single cell / exosome analysis technology. He has published 5 journal articles and conference papers as the first author or corresponding author (2 of which are published in Biomedical Optics Express as a journal article), and has been granted 2 invention patents. Presided over one cross research project of Guangdong regional cooperation youth fund and Li Ka Shing Foundation, and acted as reviewer of Biomedical Optics Express, cytometry PartA and other journals.

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