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Student Organization

Student Union

Engineering College Student Union, STU (ECSU) is devoted to serving college students. Cooperating with Engineering College and STU Student Union, ECSU organizes various creative and educating activities to improve students’ comprehensive qualities and enrich campus culture.
ECSU consists of 7 departments: Secretary, Public Relation Department, Propaganda Department, Outdoor Organization Department, Potential Development Department, Information & Coordination Department and Planning Department.



Young Volunteer Association

Engineering College Young Volunteer Association, STU (ECYVA) upholds the spirits of “Contribution, Friendship, Cooperation, Progress”. Under the guidance of Engineering College Youth League Committee, ECYVA aims to serve college students and the community as well as study in voluntary services. For years ECYVA has been cooperating with Cunxin Charity, the largest charitable organization in Shantou, and has built the Cunxin Volunteer Group. The latter has conducted a series of volunteering activities: raising donation for Wuqiao Community, Voluntary Teaching, charity parade, environmental protection on Shuangpu Mountain, etc. Today ECYVA has already earned commendation from STU and the community. And they will continue community services, aid education and environmental protection.




Career Development Center

Career Development Center (ECDC) is the Engineering College organization offering career guidance. There are divisions of Center Director, Secretary, Marketing, Information and Propaganda. The center obtains employment information by searching enterprises, network investigation and communication with alumni, and holds job fairs to provide employment for undergraduates. Additionally, ECDC helps students improve comprehensive career qualities in the ways of holding occupation contests as well as having lectures on employment and studying abroad.




Science Development Center

Main Functions:

  1. Offer technological innovation training;
  2. Conduct various extracurricular academic activities according to the Challenge Cup and technological projects;
  3. Strengthen the bonds between Engineering College and the enterprises;
  4. Arrange engineering competitions for Engineering College students.